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How do I Get Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

Lower Credit Card Processing Fees
Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

These days it is mandatory for merchants to use terminals for payment processing. As credit cards are being used by people across the world, because of its benefits and perks. People don’t like to use cash for payments anymore, they’d rather choose debit, credit or other modes of payment, like Apple Pay.

If you are a merchant who does not accept credit card payments there is a high possibility that your business is not doing as well as it could do. Therefore it is highly advisable to opt for either POS payment system or contact a payment processing company. The payment processing companies will charge you a fee for every transaction. However, there is a way you can get a lower credit card processing fees or rates.

It is very important to know that there are a lower Credit Card processing fees charged to you by Credit Card processing companies. It is extremely important that your business accepts credit card payments because people are going cashless in terms of payment.

Your customers will prefer to use their credit card because of the reward points they will be earning from the bank. Businesses that do not accept credit card payments mostly end up losing customers. Therefore, you will need to deal with a Credit Card payment processing company.

There is a fee of approximately 5% on every transaction charged to you when customers use their credit cards, but there is a way that you can lower down this fee. Here are a few ways how you can lower your credit card processing fees.

Do a research

Thorough research could help a great deal. Do not just choose the first credit card processing company that you come across. Always ask people who are in the same business about credit card processing companies. A piece of expert advice can help you a long way.

Some advice like, not to switch from one company to another expecting your fees to be reduced. A more secure way is by going online and doing a search to compare and analyze policies, fees and rates of different credit card processing companies. Customer reviews from different areas of your city could you help you a lot in making the right choice.

It is very important that you do thorough research of every payment processing company available to do business with you. The payment processing company should be well recognized, reliable and eager to do business.

One of the best ways is, taking advice from merchants in a similar business as you. Most importantly talk about the fees, transparency is vitally important. The company should be ready to discuss every kind of fee they charge so that you are not charged any hidden fees.

Right installation and right cards

Once you have chosen your credit card processing company you will have to be very careful at the time of installation. While providing your information to the credit card processing company make sure you double check it because it has to be a hundred percent correct or else you will end up paying a higher fee due to fraud risk.

Apart from this when your customers begin to make payments using their credit card, you can ask them to use the card that charges you a lesser fee.

Encourage cash and avoid the third party:

Ask your customers to pay cash instead of a credit card. You can also accept Debit Card payments as they do not charge you a fee for that. If your customers insist on paying using their credit card you have an option to charge a convenience fee.

For this, you can also keep a flat rate fee for using credit cards. Apart from this, you can directly contact the bank that transacts the payments in progress so that you would be paying no fee to a third party company. lower credit card processing fees make your customers feel happy about the bonding with your company.


Negotiate as far as possible to get your fees reduced. If you end up paying a high fee for every credit card transaction you will save almost nothing. You will end up paying for setting up the payment processing system and also paying a high fee.

It is very important to properly set up the terminal and your Credit Card processing account. This ensures a secure transaction and reduces fraud risks. Sometimes when your account is not properly set up incorrect business information could be provided this will only increase your processing fees the fee structure depends upon how you set up your account. The faster you process the transactions the better.

Try your best to negotiate on fees like PCI compliance, batch fee, etc. If you are a good merchant, the processing companies should be ready to negotiate with you for a long term relationship. There are companies that offer no-fee policies as well, but they would charge you a rental for their services.

Set up terms:

Ask your customers to use cash instead of credit cards for payments. In case the customer does not have the cash you can give them an option to pay with their debit card. Debit card payments will not charge you any sort of fees.

However, in case they do not agree to use cash or debit cards for payments, and they would like to use their credit card which is costing you a high rate of fees, you can set up a policy of surcharge. You can charge your customers a convenience fee for using their credit card. This should be a flat rate and should not fluctuate as far as possible.

Making choices:

This means that, if your third party payment processing company is charging you too many fees and is not ready to negotiate, you always have an option to directly get in touch with a bank that practices payment processing directly with retailers and merchants. This way you will end up saving money on a third party fee.

Talk to an expert:

A good payment processing company would not mind negotiating with you in terms of fees. Certain fees like PCI compliance, statement fees or batch fees can be reduced or eliminated for you so that you can save money and invest more on your business. Our Merchant Industry offers you all the above-said features with low credit card processing fees in New York.

A reduction in fees can help your business a lot in the long run. You might even rent a terminal and pay a monthly or yearly fee to the company, but this fee could be negotiated especially if you are a small merchant or someone who accepts a lot of credit card payments.

5 Ways to find the lower Credit Card processing fee solutions

The key to thriving in your small business is a lower credit card processing fee. These are the 5 ways to find the companies who provide you the lower credit card processing fees ;

  • Research on Google: When you do online research you get to know almost everything you need to know including lower credit card processing fee provider’s names and contact details.
  • Visit stores: You can visit small stores in the areas where your business is to personally get your questions answered.
  • Read reviews online: Before you select a lower credit card processing service provider you must read the reviews and rating online.
  • Your bank: You must talk to your credit card processing fee provider’s customer service about it.
  • Business Experience Advice: You can ask your friends and family with relevant credit card processing companies.

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