Swipe4Free Dual Pricing

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What is Dual Pricing?

Merchant Industry’s Dual Pricing program, Swipe4Free, allows business owners to offer two different transaction amounts to customers paying with cash versus paying with a card. The two separate prices are clearly displayed on the terminal and PIN Pad, showing the customer the discount applied when paying with cash. The discount to customers who pay with cash is typically 4%.

Dual Pricing

If a customer pays with a card, the 4% discount is not applied. By not applying the 4% discount to customers who pay with a card, you eliminate your card processing fees from card brands to accept card transactions.Your current processor imposes an average fee of 4% on your total credit and debit card processing. With our Dual Pricing program, we eliminate these fees entirely! No signage or minimum signs are needed under Dual Pricing. Dual Pricing is legal within all 50 states and is compliant with all card brand rules.

Download our Swipe4Free Dual Pricing Cash & Card Price List

We have provided an easy to use conversion chart for all our valued Swipe4Free Dual Pricing merchants to use in their place of business. Simply scan the appropriate QR code to view the cash and card price list. You can also download/print each cash and card price list.

Exclusive features of Dual Pricing

Contactless Payments

Accept all major
contactless payments

Have full control over implementation

Have full control
over implementation

Next-Day Funding

Get your funds faster
through Next-Day Funding

Card Amount

Choose card or
cash amount

Non-cash adjustments

No more non-cash

Contactless Payments

Best-in-class terminals with Wi-Fi and EMV-enabled technology

How does Dual Pricing work?

Dual Pricing Display

Card and cash price displayed


Customer selects
method of payment

Select Payment Method
Cash discount amount

Cash discount amount displayed and printed on receipt