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Dual Pricing, Surcharging, & Traditional Pricing All In One Agreement!

The Merchant Industry TSYS MPA has been completely revamped and now combines Dual Pricing, Surcharging, and Traditional programs into one single agreement. It also contains our new merchant attestation form.

Our new TSYS MPA goes into effect on December 1st in our CRM and DocuSign. This will also affect the previous boarding process.

The current MPA will still be accepted until December 1st.

Join Our TSYS MPA Training

Join a training to get familiar with our new TSYS MPA and learn about all the latest updates we’ve made to the agreement. RSVP below.

Watch Our Tutorial Videos

To get you fully prepared for the update on December 1st, we created two walkthrough videos. Our first video is a guide to help you fill out the new TSYS MPA in its PDF version as well as DocuSign version. The second video guides you through filling out the TSYS MPA in the CRM.


We’re also providing you with a sample TSYS MPA to download and use when watching the walkthrough videos and attending our training.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Relationship Manager or Merchant Industry directly at or 1.866.811.1005