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How to save money on credit card processing fees?

How to save Credit Card Processing Fees

How Can I Save Credit Card Processing Fees

Save credit card processing fees​

It may not look like a lot to pay in the beginning, however, if you are a small business owner you might end up paying a lot of fees to the Credit Card Processing Companies. Credit Card processing fees is unavoidable but you can save money paying less fees. Here are a few ways on how you can save credit card processing fees.


Credit card payment processing companies some time are ready to negotiate on the fees that you pay them. Especially if you’re a small business merchant or a first time user of the product. They will consider reducing down the fee a little bit for you. The reason why they will be ready to negotiate with you is to build a strong relationship with you, so that you would continue to do business with them. If you are an existing client they will still be willing to negotiate with you because the more their processing machine is used the more fee you pay them, and the more income they get.

Avoid security risk:

The higher the security risk the higher the fee you pay. Try to swipe the credit cards, or enter security information while processing transactions. The president of Electronic Merchant Systems, Jeffrey Gehrs said, “Swipe as many cards as you can. With new technology like cell phone swipers offered by full merchant-service providers and micro-processors like Square, there are few excuses to not be swiping the majority of your cards.”

Contact the source:

Banks are the source. Being a merchant you can directly get in touch with your bank there are many banks that offer Credit Card processing directly to retailers. You will be saving on the fee that you will have to pay the credit card processing company if you go directly to the source. Keep in mind that this service is usually provided by big banks or best credit card processing company like merchant industry.

Proper installation:

It is very important to properly setup the terminal and your Credit Card processing account. This ensures secure transaction and reduces fraud risks. Sometimes when your account is not properly set up incorrect business information could be provided this will only increase your processing fees the fee structure depends upon how you set up your account. The faster you process the transactions the better.

Talk to an expert:

If you are a small merchant and you have just started your business the best thing for you would be to consult with people who have already been in the business for a long time. It is important to know the inside information, only experts can help you get that information. It is a myth that switching your credit card processor from time to time can you actually save you from credit card processing fees.

In fact if you have been doing business with a particular Credit Card processing company you might be able to get the lowest possible fee structure area there are credit card processors that charge no fee at all in case your savings or revenue turnover from your business is extremely low.

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