Merchant Industry is a specialized CBD and high-risk business model consulting company. As a part of an international network of merchant services, we ensure the most standard rates and stable services in industries facing regulatory challenges. Since 2007, we are providing payment processing services that have been helping our clients around the U.S. to stay in business and maximizing profits.

The CBD industry is facing important challenges today with finding payment solutions that offer a comfortable and trustworthy service to CBD merchants. CBD vendors face payment problems daily since the CBD industry seems to be seen not only as a high-risk business but is being projected in a bad light. Credit card processing for CBD merchants is now a sparse commodity, and one would expect that with the seemingly favourable medical benefits that CBD offers to the general public, finding processors for CBD credit card transactions should not be such a challenge.

Merchant Industry Payment Services is structured to officially process credit card payments for the CBD industry. We fully give our support to our CBD merchants which is why we are the standout choice for everyone who wishes to have a legal merchant account, as well as, a processing solution for credit card payments that is Justifiable.

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