Credit Card Merchant Services

Merchant Industry provides Credit card merchant services to offer every payment component that a merchant may need to accept non-cash modes of payment online and offline. For Offline Merchant Services, they provide Point of Sale infrastructure, merchant accounts, and check support. For Online Merchant Services, they provide internet merchant accounts, chargeback support, and various kinds of online payment processing — credit and debit cards, e-checks, ACH payments, e-wallets and mobile payments. When it comes to the merchant services they provide, payment gateways vary from merchant service providers in how active a role they take in the running of your online business.

Comprehensive Merchant Services

Merchant Industry takes traditional online credit card merchant services to a next level and enables you to accept payments in nearly any currency and preferred payment method globally. You’ll accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, China UnionPay, and many more possible payment solutions with our merchant services.

Set Up A Proper Installation Processing System That Saves Money and Protects Client Data

  • Work With our experts list your business needs
  • Select a type of payment technology which is suitable for your business options including mobile processing, merchant service credit card processing and more.
  • Secure data standard with PCI Compliance.

How We can Help with Credit Card Payment Service

Merchant Industry performs as consultants in order to educate our merchants. We provide economical solutions that are proven to enhance your bottom-line profits. We are a single source solution for all of your credit card processing and electronic payment needs. Our company provides outstanding customer support and merchant services. We also provide needful personal attention to all our merchants by providing live customer service and support. Your small-scale business is as important to us as it is to you. Small businesses are what make a group of communities vibrant.

That is why our Merchant Services has built our business around serving you, the small business owner. Our portfolio of solutions is framed to be flexible and reliable also it would be enough to meet your unique needs. Our Merchant Industry is one of the best among New York’s merchant service companies as it enables the credit card merchant services with different types of solutions to business, providing great customer service, and making the business of the merchant financially gainable.