ATM Pin Pad Suppliers

ATM Pin Pad Suppliers New York

Merchant Industry is a leading ATM pin pad suppliers in New York. The use of PIN pads that perform encryption in order to provide a secure payment option for their customers. Merchant Industry Provides PIN pad device which makes it easy for your customers to enter confidential information. Its connectivity options and speedy processing make ease of use to meet the needs of any size of business. We are considered to be the cheap and best credit card processing company among small business owners. As in such a condition, we work hard, focus on honesty, and pursue good quality and affordable price, with respect to set up our good image.

Our Pin Pad Features

Our company supply ATM Keypad that enables customers and merchants to easily enter information with fewer errors. We offer security standards that exceeds industry requirements for the sake of Customer data security. Main Motive is to give customers an open-standard, flexible solution that is more secure and cost-effective. Also framed a effective Security framework that built to withstand the most severe fraudulent attacks.

How It Works

Merchant Industry enabling secure PIN entry on a touch screen. There is a clear example of PIN pad suppliers driving opportunities in the market. Our Company enables ATM machine keypad with encrypted touchscreen (ETS) for PIN entry. Also, authenticate users without card through pre-staged transactions on a user’s smartphone. Once the transaction gets started, the user will get a secure Quick Response code or one-time PIN. When the Quick Response code is scanned or the PIN is entered at the ATM, cash is quickly dispensed.

Merchant Industry is one of the prominent ATM Pin pad suppliers across the U.S. Our company will integrate all the components at once such as software, services, systems, etc. The specific purpose of integrating all the components is to meet the dynamic needs of customers.