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Everywhere you look, there are terminals for people to complete their transactions. A person may need to pay with a credit card, a gift card or some other form of payment. These merchant processing centers need to be quick and secure to ensure a person’s purchase can go through smoothly.

Business credit card processing is an important aspect to many businesses. If a business doesn’t accept credit cards, they are requiring their customers to use cash. Very few people carry cash on them anymore, which can limit the amount of business received on a daily basis. It’s possible to not only get a free credit card terminal but also cheap credit card processing rates. This means that you have no reason not to offer these things to your customers.

If you can’t process credit cards, you may be losing out on business. Too many other businesses accept credit cards, which means that consumers have other options. In person or online, you have to have a merchant account with a credit card processing company – and we can help you.

From credit cards to gift cards, ATM machines and beyond, we are a merchant service provider that you can rely on. We will provide you with the PCI compliance you need, which is also expected of you from all of your customers. Customers want to hand over their credit card without worry that their information will be discovered by some fraudulent method.

A merchant cash advance may be just what you need to get your business headed in the right direction. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Your business has to have what it needs, otherwise your customers will start to go elsewhere. This isn’t an option for you and we can help.( *Cash Advance Loans are not offered by First National Bank of Omaha*)

If you’re involved with e-commerce, you need online credit card processing. People don’t want to mail checks to you and not everyone has a PayPal account. The processing fees can be considerably lower than you imagined. From Visa to MasterCard and various other credit cards, you can accept them all. By providing a more convenient method for people to pay for your products and services, you will begin to get more business.

Your business can’t survive without tapping into a merchant service provider. We have all your bases covered. Whether you need a loan or you need new POS terminals, we can assist you. Accepting payment from your customers is not only important but absolutely critical to your success. You need to accept in such a manner that transactions are approved quickly and securely so customers have confidence in your business and your security.

Discover how you can improve your business today. We have answers to some of the commonly asked questions in the industry. You may be able to experience more business just by making some small changes in your day to day operations.

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High Risk or offshore merchant accounts are no where related to First National Bank of Omaha.

Merchant Industry Resource Center

The Merchant Industry Resource Center is a place where you can get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), learn about other companies that can help your business, and quickly find customer support contact information so you can get the help you need.

Partners Directory

Partners Directory
Our partners can help you navigate the challenges your business may face.
Savoy Bank
A homegrown bank for entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals with the ability to customize our services to help your business grow.
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Free Gateway Setup

Free Gateway Setup
Merchant industry can provide you with a FREE or USAePay payment gateway account & Free Shopping Cart

Low Rates Low Rates
2.19% Credit, 1.99% Debit, $0.18/transaction
No Fees No Fees!
Free fraud prevention, no setups fees, no integration fees, no application fees
Quick Turnaround Quick Turnaround
Same day approval & 12 hour funding

PCI Compliance
In an effort to assist you with your compliance efforts, Merchant Industry has partnered with PCI Compliance, LLC, a company specializing in merchant compliance.

PCI Compliance

Durbin Law

The Federal Reserve Board's final decision on debit interchange fees raises the cap from 12 cents to 21 cents.

We offer you several credit card processing options to accept credit cards:
Internet, retail, wireless, mail order, Quickbooks and phone order


Internet Processing Internet Processing
Authorize.Net and Other Gateways for online & web businesses
Wireless Processing Wireless Processing
Cell phone processing, standalone wireless terminals and more. Ideal for mobile merchants
Point of Sale Terminals

Point of Sale Terminals
Lots of choices. Available for lease or purchase


Phone Processing Phone Processing
Use any touchtone phone, no equipment needed!
Processing Software Processing Software
Software for your PC or Macintosh. Swiped or manual input
QuickBooks Merchant Account

QuickBooks Processing
Use Quickbooks to process transactions. Integrates directly into your current software